How Do You Rate Downtown?

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

How would you rate Downtown Eugene?

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Proposed County/City Land Exchange

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Do you support or oppose the City of Eugene and Lane County exchanging land in order to allow for a year-round farmers’ market in downtown Eugene?

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A year-round Farmers’ Market downtown Eugene: discussions are under way. by Pat Farr

Sunday, May 4th, 2014


Who wouldn’t want to see a year-round farmers’ market replace the current, highly popular but seasonal and Saturday only (plus an occasional Thursday) market that exists today?

If you've been to the weekend Farmers' Market in Eugene you know it can be crowded

If you’ve been to the weekend Farmers’ Market in Eugene you know it can be crowded

Here’s the deal:  there’s a bunch of talk going on about a land-swap deal between Lane County and the City of Eugene ( see video here). There are so many reasons that the deal won’t work.  Trading one half-city-block for another goes against all reasonable thinking.

Eugene and Lane County have started talking about trading the “Butterfly Parking Lot” for the eastern half of the block that formerly housed Eugene’s City Hall.  As soon as the talk began, people began amassing the many reasons that will not work.  Where will people park?  What about Eugene and Mary Skinner’s original (mid-1800’s) view of what downtown Eugene should look like?  What about the disparity in value of the two parcels?  The list goes on, and grows daily.

So why now do I find myself talking with the editorial boards of both The Register-Guard and Eugene Weekly about the subject?  And, why am I joined by Mayor Kitty Piercy and City Manager and assistant Jon Ruiz and Sarah Medary as well as interim County Administrator Alicia Hays in these discussions.

The answer:  because there are compelling reasons that now is the first time in history that the swap may make sense.  The discussion involves Lane County giving up the butterfly lot, which is currently slated for a replacement County Court House and allowing Eugene to enter an agreement with Lane County Farmers’ Market to position a year-round market in that space.  At the same time Eugene would give up half of its current City Hall block for a future Lane County Court House.

The idea could work beautifully.  And it could be a bust.  But the time is correct right now to look at all of the reasons pro- and con.

Whereas, if you've been to the Farmers' Market in Olympia you know it is a great place to hang out...

Whereas, if you’ve been to the year-round Farmers’ Market in Olympia you know it is a great place to buy an amazing variety of fresh food in a comfortable setting, meet friends, have lunch, entertain visitors or simply hang out…

There will be a joint public forum with the Lane County Board of Commissioners and the Eugene City Council on June 3 2014, 6 pm at Harris Hall to hear from you why or why not the two governments should pursue the concept.

City of Eugene Office Space: Lease or Build if Leasing Cheaper

Monday, January 13th, 2014

If leasing space was cheaper than building a new city hall, would you still support building?

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Lease or Build Eugene City Office Space

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Should the City of Eugene build a new city hall or lease space downtown?

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SLEEPS Favorability Trend

Monday, January 6th, 2014

This post, which can be seen here, shows the favorability trend for SLEEPS.

SLEEPS Favorability: Eugene vs. All of Lane County

Friday, December 6th, 2013

This post, which can be seen here, compares attitudes towards the SLEEPS group in Eugene and countywide.

SLEEPS Homeless Protest Group Favorability

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of The SLEEPS Homeless Protest Group?

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Lane County Commissioners pass Order for “Emergency Temporary Closure” of Wayne Morse Terrace. by Pat Farr

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


During a recent Board of County Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Pete Sorensen, high atop his self-built pedestal, proclaimed that his fellow Commissioners, myself included, had “A new-found interest in public health…”  This is typical of the distortion of truth that he regularly reads into the record.  It makes all else he says suspect.  (to see a webcast of the entire meeting, indexed for viewing go here)

Public Service Building

The campsite that had been occupied by protesters for nearly two weeks in front of the Lane County Courthouse was (more or less) peacefully evacuated on the evening of September 4.  Several of the campers chose to stay in place in order to be arrested.  Eugene City Police assisted with the closure and associated Municipal citations.

That afternoon, the Board of Commissioners had voted to temporarily close the Wayne Morse Terrace (and its designated free speech area) for a period of up to seven days for sanitation and cleaning.  The recommendation for cleaning came from the Dr. Patrick Luedke, Lane County’s Public Health Officer.

Another motion to redefine appropriate use of the Terrace, as an amendment to the Lane Manual, was put on hold until a Lane Code change process is completed.

The Lane Manual can be amended by Board Order without public hearing.  Amendments to the Lane Code involve a public hearing process with at least three readings spaced at least 13 days apart.  First reading on the code amendment took place at the September 4 Special Board Meeting.

Public comment and input will be received throughout the process.

The Terrace has been closed temporarily closed for up to seven days for sanitation.  I have requested that the area designated as “Free Speech Area” be returned to public use as quickly as possible.  I expect that it will be available for use before the weekend of September 7 and 8.  Commissioner Faye Stewart amended the motion for temporary closure to include provision for an ongoing designated free speech area during the cleaning of the Terrace.

Additional consideration for reopening of the area used by Eugene’s Farmers’ Market and Saturday Market is high on the list of sanitation priorities.  I expect it to be available for fully functioning markets by September 7.

Downtown Eugene Public Safety Zone Approval Stays High

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Do you support or oppose the City of Eugene having a Downtown Public Safety Zone?

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