COVID-19 Update April 4, 2020. by Pat Farr

Lane County.  See the latest testing, resource and patient INFORMATION HERE
● Eugene Chamber releases small business owner’s guide to the CARES Act; FAQs on tax
implications and resources are available through the federal government.
● LTD now fare free, service reductions continue

● University of Oregon President takes a 12% pay cut, cannot rule out layoffs and pay cuts for staff
● Eugene Airport passenger travel down 90%
● As of 4/3 10:00 a.m., the Expo Hall at Fairgrounds shelter has housed 118 people today. Wheeler Pavilion, the shelter for mildly ill, has housed 0 people, and Springfield
Memorial Building has housed 29 people.
● There were 134 calls answered by the call center during operating hours on 4/2.
o About 37% were transferred to the Nurse Line to discuss exposures/symptoms.
○ Themes included: symptoms, potential exposures and business complaints. There was an increase in calls from employers who need advice on how to respond to
employees who state they were in close contact with a positive or sick person.


  • 809 tests conducted for Lane County residents (including private labs)
    • This number is likely below the actual number of tests conducted. Private labs are processing tests from Lane County residents and there is variability in reporting of negative results. Lane County Public Health is being notified of any positive test results.
  • 24 positive test results for Lane County (presumptive cases)
  • 1 death in Lane County due to suspected Coronavirus infection


Oregon Situation
● Oregon Search and Rescue capacity constrained to “loss of life” missions only, per an Oregon Emergency Management (OEM) report
● Jackson County Public Health requests residents to wear face coverings outdoors. This is based on recent information that people with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic may be spreading the virus to people and not know it.
● OLCC released a resource guide for distilleries/breweries producing hand sanitizer;
available on OLCC website
● Portland-area hospitals report 57 healthcare staff have contracted COVID-19.
● First Oregon prison inmate tests positive for COVID-19 at Salem’s Santiam Correctional
● Oregon DOJ has sent 17 cease and desist letters to OR businesses suspected of price gouging; 125 reports taken via hotline and DOJ website
● Oregon Nurses Association notes no hospitals statewide have more than a 7 day supply of PPE remaining.
● Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) has received multiple reports of fraudulent activity. The activity includes people showing up at job sites and pretending to be division compliance officers. The fraudsters attempt to issue thousands of dollars in fines and demand immediate cash payments. This is not how OSHA operates.

Source Lane County Public Health, Lane County Oregon, Eugene Chamber of Commerce

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