Lane County will open a 20,000 sq ft medical services building for COVID-19 cases. by Pat Farr


Lane County Board of Commissioners unanimously supported my motion to buy a former VA Clinic and immediately prepare and open it to treat /COVID-19 patients.

NEW LANE COUNTY COVID-19 RESPONSE FACLITY will open in former VA Clinic in North Eugene

A facility capable of being used for providing medical services is urgently needed as part of the County’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This building is planned to provide non-congregate shelter, as an alternative to providing private hotel rooms for unhoused individuals who have been determined to meet the criteria for being tested for COVID-19, but who do not need to be admitted to a hospital. The County will be able to house individuals in isolation at this facility until such time as their test results are negative or until they have gone 72 hours, without the aid of medication, with no fever or cough. Additionally, this building will provide discharge capacity for unhoused individuals coming out of a hospital to enable maximum capacity in the area hospitals.

Funds for the purchase of the building and preparation of the facility will be drawn from the General Fund’s ‘service stabilization reserve.’ The County will apply for reimbursement of the costs for this facility from state and federal sources.

Lane County has opened two emergency sheltering locations for people who are unhoused and need a place to “stay home, save lives,” per Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order 20-12 dated March 23, 2020. This space provides people with a place to sleep as well as access to basic needs they are accustomed to locating elsewhere in the community but can no longer receive because of COVID-19-related closures. The county also opened one congregate shelter site that provides care for people who are mildly symptomatic to separate them from the general population in the emergency “stay home” shelters and encampments.

A. ORDER 20-03-31-10/ In the Matter of Purchasing Property at 100 River Avenue for $1,800,000 for Use in Response to the COVID-19 Emergency, and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Execute Documents Necessary to Complete the Purchase and Prepare the Facility.  Moved by Farr, seconded by Sorenson, passes unanimously.
See full description of agenda item here

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