COVID-19 Lane County Update March 27, 2020. by Pat Farr

March 27, 2020 2:30PM (most recent information here)
● There have been 12 deaths in Oregon from COVID-19.
● Oregon health centers receive nearly $1.9 M from HHS to help with coronavirus
● OR Department of Education is working on student mental health initiatives in response
to COVID-19 and school closures, such as collaborating with LinesForLife for remote
risk assessments and safety planning for schools. They have created guidance and
resources for schools and families located here.
● – new resource to register for tracking/coordination of
donations of private resources
● PPE stock continues to be strained across the state and nation, and in Oregon. The
projected patient influx will cause significant shortage. There is a forecasted blood supply
shortage due to reduced donation. Current state mortuary capacity is stable.
Lane County:

LANE COUNTY Cases as of 3/27/2020 3:20AM
Confirmed 9
Negative Test Result 432
Deaths 1

● Weekend EOC hours will be from 10am-2pm; Call Center from 8am-8pm
● New case announced 3/27, bringing total to 9 in Lane County.
● First emergency respite center open in the Expo Hall at fairground, 118 served on 3/26 &
113 served as of 4:40pm today; Wheeler Pavilion will be a shelter for mildly ill;
Operations continues to secure transportation, care, food, locations for people awaiting
results and is facing challenges with hotels.
o Second respite shelter in Springfield will open Saturday night
● We are working with hospitals to begin tracking ED/ICU beds, COVID-19 admits,
COVID-19 patients on ventilators, and supplies of PPE and ventilators.
● Impacted County services are now listed on the Lane County Government website.
● Staff are experiencing technical difficulties with Orpheus for electronic lab results (due to
# of users, # of lab records, etc.)
● There is now a standardized messaging and enforcement process for non-compliant
business operations. Call Center can now record business complaints by region (Eug,
Spfld, Rural). At the end of every day, ESF-18 will export the list to the appropriate
jurisdictions for enforcement.
● Admin has begun preparing FEMA reimbursements.
● JIC has new staff; has moved to Charnelton 471 (computer training room). Currently
working with Logistics to secure Spanish translation of press briefings.
● Over the past 2 days, Call Center volume continues to decrease (239 calls Thursday, 22%
went to nurses); provider call turnout and duration has decreased; number of inquiries
about business concerns has decreased as well.

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