Lane County Climate Action Plan. by Pat Farr


Tall spruce trees in Lane County

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of clean fuels, public transit, cycling, alternative energy, technology enhancements, and higher efficiency vehicles and facilities has positive impacts on community health and will have positive impacts on Lane County’s economy.

Lane County is beginning the first phase of a three-phased approach to the development of the Climate Action Plan.

The Climate Action Plan will encompass:

Conducting a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and develop an internal plan (Climate Action Plan-Phase1) for county operations to establish greenhous gas reduction targets and implementation plans to meet County targets.

Developing a comprehensive countywide plan (Climate Action Plan-Phase 2) with community engagement to outline aggressive goals and strategies, aligned in partnership with city climate actions, to establish countywide community targes and high priority areas of action.

Developing a resiliency plan (Climate Action Plan-Phase 3) to identify adaptation strategies to mitigate the risks and impacts of climate change anticipated for Lane County.

Developing Action Initiatives supporting green jobs, clean energy projects and climate-friendly industries in Lane County.

Providing open and transparent public communications to monitor and evaluate progress toward climate action goals.

Lane County is in the process of establishing a Climate Advisory Committee to provide recommendations and advise the Board of Commissioners on the County’s ongoing climate action work.

See links to Board of Commissioners meetings on the Lane County Climate Action Plan Here

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