Hey, That’s My Pothole! by Pat Farr


Do you have a pothole that’s bothering you?  If you don’t you must not be paying attention.  That is, most people have at least one pothole in their life.  It could be in your street, on your way to work or shopping or anywhere.  But you probably have dodged one, bottomed out on one or straddled one today.

Also, if you’re like most other people, you’ve complained about it to somebody.  But nothing’s been done.

Help is on the way.  The City of Eugene street maintenance division wants to know where the potholes that are bugging you are hanging out.  And they’ve made it easy to tell them where to find them.  Go to their web page and let them know where it is.

Follow this link: www.eugene-or.gov/pothole and you’ll be welcomed to the City of Eugene Street Maintenance page, where you’ll be told  that the City maintenance crews patch more than 5,000 potholes a year.

Scroll down to “Pothole Patrol” and “click here”

You’ll travel to a map of Eugene where you can type in your name and email address (or not) and the address or street intersection closest to the pothole.  Drag the marker to the spot, make a few (polite) comments and register the pothole.  It will get placed on the list and then get repaired, maybe even soon! 

Simple as that.  Have fun and drive smooth.

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