Yorkshire Cornish Pasties. by Pat Farr


This recipe was first shown to me by my mother, Margaret (Clayton) Farr.  I’m certain that she was not the first generation to serve it. 

The Yorkshire Cornish Pasty

The dough

3            c                           White flour

½           c                           Butter

½           c                           Vegetable shortening

1            t                           Salt

¾           c                           Ice water

Egg/water wash for brushing

Cut the butter and shortening into the dry ingredients until it is completely evenly incorporated into tiny clumps.  A tablespoon at a time, stir in the ice water until it can form a  loose ball.  Don’t knead it or work it with anything other than a fork or you fingertips.  Wrap and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

The filling

1            lb                         Lean ground beef

½           c                           Potatoes, diced to less than ¼”

½           c                           Turnip (called rutabaga in the US), same dice

½           c                           Carrots, same dice

½           c                           Celery, same dice

½           c                           Onion, chopped

1            T                          Minced garlic

1            c                           Rich beef broth

1            T                          Thyme

1            T                          Brown sauce (Henderson’s) or 1 t Worcestershire Sauce

Salt and pepper (add to taste)

Flour/water mix for thickening

Add beef, vegetables to a hot pan and stir-fry until turnip is tender.  Add spices, brown sauce and rich beef broth and simmer for a half-hour.  Thicken with flour/water mix.  Let it cool completely.

The assembly

Roll the dough, in small batches, until it is 1/8” thick.  Cut into 5” squares.  An alternate method is to roll each individual pasty shell:  roll a 1-1/2” ball until it is a round 5”.  Keep the shells dusted lightly with flour.  Moisten the edge of half of a shell and place 2 tablespoons (or so) of the filling slightly off-center on the shell (use a slotted spoon, you want very little liquid inside the pasty).  Fold the dough over the top of the filling, perfectly aligning the edges.  Push to seal with your fingers, then press with a moistened fork to hold the seal.  Brush with egg wash and bake at 350-degrees F for 30 minutes.  Start checking after about 20 minutes to make sure they brown to your liking.

Serve to me and your friends and family with a nice salad and Henderson’s Brown Sauce or A-1.  Eat them warm or cold, today or tomorrow.  In Yorkshire it’s preferred to serve this with chips and brown gravy…





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