Better Housing Together. by Pat Farr

Innovative housing approaches will be critical in addressing our housing crisis.

BETTER HOUSING TOGETHER…I’m standing with Clackamas County Commissioner¬†Paul Savas¬†in front of one of their prefab tiny homes for Clackamas County’s Veterans’ Village, patterned after projects in Lane County.

The vision to end homelessness in Lane County gained traction in our Poverty and Homelessness Board’s strategic plan, goals and tactics when hundreds of people gathered at the University of Oregon to discuss the crisis level shortage of housing in Lane County on February 20. I saw many of my long-time partners in the work as well as a lot of new faces talking about innovative approaches to our local housing crisis.

At my table, along with Mel Bankoff, Dylan Lamar, Mike Eister and others we talked about solutions to provide transitional and permanent solutions to the specific needs of households looking for a place to live.

Link here to our Poverty and Homelessness Board website


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