Public Safety in Lane County starts with the Sheriff. by Pat Farr

When Lane County voters passed the Sheriff’s levy in May 2013 they sent a clear message: make this a safer place to live.

Sheriff Turner and I celebrate the passage of 20-213 on May 21 2013

Sheriff Turner and I celebrate the passage of 20-213 on May 21 2013

The levy passed by voters is audited by an independent agency and has exceeded all expectations and promises regarding keeping violent criminal offenders in jail. See article by clicking here.

You can read about significant Sheriff’s Department activities through news releases by clicking here.

Sheriff Byron Trapp--a 28-year Lane County Deputy--replaced Sheriff Tom Turner in 2014

Sheriff Byron Trapp–a 28-year Lane County Deputy–replaced Sheriff Tom Turner in 2014

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office provides correctional services including a jail that houses 256 local offenders, a 39-bed Community Corrections Center (work-release), and out-of-custody programs such as Community Service and Sheriff’s Work Crew. We provide 20 hours a day patrol of urban, suburban and rural areas, including timberlands, waterways, and coastal dune areas. The Sheriff’s Office conducts criminal investigations, maintains evidence and property storage, has an extensive criminal justice Records section, and operates a 24/7 Dispatch Center. Court security, offender transport, process services (criminal and civil), emergency management, and search and rescue functions round out the service the office delivers.

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