More on the Community Rump Group (aka Community Resource Group or CRG) by Pat Farr

My thanks to Paul Conte and to Debi Farr providing additional definitions (and reminding me of more arcane uses) of the term “Rump Group.”

But first, a reminder of the Webster’s New Dictionary of the English Language version, “The last or inferior part of something” group.

Other definitions include:

“Remainder of a group that was originally larger”

“A group put together without official formality” or

“A remnant of a larger political grouping that continues to exist after the group has formally dissolved, split or been abolished”

While being broader in its scope, Webster’s doesn’t seem to be vastly different to the other definitions.  And none of the definitions closely define the Community Resource Group’s (CRG) nature and activity.

Mr. Conte has told me that he intended no disrespect for the CRG or the Envision Eugene process.  He has, in fact been integral in the discussions.  He has asked that I post comments that he forwarded to me regarding the September 15th post:

“The term “rump group” comes from the so-called “rump Parliament” of 1648. The most precise use of “rump group” is for the remainder of a group that was originally larger and is no longer constituted in it’s entirety. The term is also used to mean a group put together without official formality, which is the usage I intended. Whatever the term’s etymology, in contemporary usage it has no implication that the group’s members are “inferior” or are being compared to the “hind part of an animal” as you described.

“I’m sorry you conveyed this incorrect connotation without asking me first if that’s what was intended.

“I have no quarrel with members of the Community Resource Group, and have contributed significant time and effort in helping them and the Envision Eugene process be successful.

“My criticism is specifically amd (sic) solely of the City Manager’s poor management of the Envision Eugene process. (You and I may disagree on that point, of course.)

“Since comments on your blog entries have been disabled, I would appreciate the courtesy of your posting my comments here, in their entirety, on your blog.

“It would serve no constructive purpose to leave an incorrect impression of my comments in CRG members’ minds.”  Paul Conte.

So the CRG will continue its very detailed work, and thanks again to the City Manager, the members of the group and for Mr. Conte for your dedication to improving the future of our city.


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