Truth in Reporting (who can you trust?) by Pat Farr


The Eugene Weekly (EW, pronounced “ew”) reported on May 10, 2012 (just days before the primary election pitting Handy against me) that “Commish Handy Sues Opponent Pat Farr.”  That was the headline of a feature story (click here for full story).

On page 11 of today’s (June 13 2013) EW the tab reports on the Envision Eugene process.  Remember that Envision Eugene has already defined such important aspects of Eugene’s future as the amount of land needed for housing (both single family and multi-unit) plus how much industrial land will be needed inside the city’s Urban Growth Boundary to accommodate the projected population growth in the upper Willamette Valley.  It has also determined that no additional land will be needed for commercial development in the near future. See associated Forum Lane articles on Envision Eugene here.

EW states, “we’ve been skeptical about this project…In the past (such) plans  have gathered dust on shelves while developers do whatever they want.”  See the article here. Later on the same page the author writes that new and old restaurants plus new movie theaters have brought the vitality that City Manager Jon Ruiz and downtown businessmen and developers have struggled to revive.  (Doesn’t it seem that the operators of restaurants and movie theaters are in fact downtown businessmen?)

Regarding the May 10 story:  it simply was not the truth, nor was the untrue headline ever retracted.  Handy did not sue me.

Regarding the June 13 stories:  1.  Envision Eugene has already had an effect on the economic vitality of the city and is poised for continued progress, and, 2.  the author seems to both praise and disdain downtown businessmen in the same sentence.

What are we supposed to believe that is printed in the EW?


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