Jon Ruiz’ Policy Framework for Opportunity Eugene task force recommendations. By Pat Farr


The Opportunity Eugene Task Force, consisting of a large group of elected officials, staff members and concerned citizens, met last winter to talk about the homelessness situation in Eugene.  It was a follow-up to the controversial Occupy Eugene tent cities that sprouted up during the previous year.

The recommendations, outlined in a City Council meeting on July 19 by the City Manager include:

1.  Identify and establish potential sites (for a safe and secure place to be)

2.  Create and support day use community centers

3.  Improve traditional and non-traditional health care access

4.  Continue and expand existing services to the homeless

5.  Improve laws and ordinaces that criminalize and block homeless individuals

6.  Create a commission to continue to explore homelessness solutions

The City Manager’s recommended Policy Framework points for the Council to consider include:

1.  Transition people away from homelessness

2.  Create and promote health, safety and security throughout the community

3.  Utilize partnerships and share resources with stakeholders

4.  Promote neighborhood livability

5.  Promote sustainability

6.  Have Measurable Outcomes

7.  Pilot New Programs

The City Council, during its debate that day, was split on how to move forward.  It will meet in September to finalize the policy framework and to look at progress toward the six recommendations.  See the companion article, posted later today.

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