Lane County : Sheriff Turner’s Monthly Report

Below is the Lane County Sheriff’s Monthly report.  These reports highlight the current state of the Sheriff’s office including the recent jail releases, deputy layoffs and the future of the Sheriff’s office.

“The Sheriff’s Office is facing a $10,000,000 reduction in our budget in the coming fiscal year. As a result, it is estimated that over 6,000 inmates a year will be released that should not be because of the risks they pose to the community; including those in custody for violent crimes such as rape, assault, and robbery. Patrol staffing will be so limited that only violent person crimes in progress and fatal car crashes will be responded to. Although we will continue to meet our contractual obligations of patrolling the cities of Creswell, Veneta, and the federal forests, as well as providing marine patrol through the use of dedicated state funds, there will be no traditional patrol in rural Lane County. As we navigate through this very difficult time, rest assured that the Sheriff’s Office will continue to do the very best we can with the limited resources that remain.”

Read more in the : Sheriff’s Monthly Report.

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