This just in: Trees keep growing in Oregon! by Pat Farr


If you don’t love Oregon you haven’t looked closely enough.  Last weekend Debi and I took a hike through old growth (first generation) timber at Sahalie and Koosah Falls. Only an hour from home! We were with a long-time friend, Marion Henry.

Debi and I with Doug. Sahalie Falls is roaring behind the three of us.

We also ran into this much older friend (above), Doug Fir, who just keeps growing and aging with dignity. Much like his second, third, fourth generation relatives who just keep growing and growing in Oregon.  You can see some of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren standing around us.  All trees are returned to the earth at some point.  Some spend a little bit of time sheltering our families as homes, schools, hospitals, etc.  Others stay in the forest.  These old growth trees will stay in the forest, standing or (below)  fallen, for future generations to enjoy.

Debi and Marion standing with a fallen giant.

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