Team Springfield

Team Springfield is a collaborative organization in which four different public agencies of the community work together to make Springfield a better place to live. Team Springfield is comprised of the Springfield Utility Board (SUB), Springfield City Hall, Springfield Pubic Schools and Willamalane Park and Recreation District.

I have been a member of Team Springfield for several years. Typically, it provides services that not just one agency could or would do on its own. Teamwork is the key. Each piece of the pie makes the whole pie. I am a single piece of a larger pie so to speak. As a whole organization we as can accomplish much more than if we were working separately. If we join forces under one goal, it is much easier to get things done. We find where our philosophies are shared and envision a plan and set that goal. Get it done and move to the next.

Last Tuesday, Team Springfield hosted the ACE Awards Banquet at the Hult Center, “in which administrator, teacher, classified employee and volunteer from our district will be deemed ‘A Champion in Education’ worthy of an ACE award — and a $1,000 donation to his or her school. The ACE awards will be announced at a banquet at the Hult Center.” 1 I would like to point out that the ACE Awards are hosted by the Eugene and Springfield chambers of commerce along with Oregon Community Credit Union. The Awards program is a partnership of these three organizations along with the Eugene, Bethel and Springfield school districts.

You can learn more about Team Springfield at their website; or more about my involvement with this organization at To find out more about the ACE Awards put on last week by Team Springfield, the Register Guard’s article1 can be found at:


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