Envision Eugene’s vision of Eugene is clearing. by Pat Farr

City Manager Jon Ruiz made a presentation to the Eugene City Council on Wednesday March 13 that brought together the many thousands of hours spent on gathering and processing information about the city’s future growth.

He thanked the Community Resource Group (CRG) for its months of long and well attended meetings, as well as the additional meetings by the Planning Commission, subcommittees of the CRG and the diligence of city staff in helping him prepare his very well-made presentation.

Ruiz detailed his recommendations addressing his “Seven Pillars” of the approach to providing adequate residential, industrial and commercial land inside the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary.  He is recommending modest expansion of the Boundary.

CRG members gather after Jon Ruiz' March 14 presentation, including Ed MacMahon, author Pat Farr, Mia Nelson, Rick Duncan, Dr. Shawn Boles, Laura Potter. Ruiz is in the right background.

Assuming a 1.4% job growth rate (modest, I believe, but safe) Ruiz is recommending adding around 350 acres for homes, 322 acres for parks and schools (mainly in Bethel), and approximately 475 acres for jobs.

Significantly, unlike historic precedent, Ruiz is suggesting an ongoing monitoring of performance toward the expected growth and adjustments to the plan after five and ten years.  I suggested that the review not begin at five years, but be completed at five years.  That would allow for immediate implementation of needed changes to the long-term plan as opposed to beginning a lengthy review at that point.  The suggestion met with approval.

Keep an eye on Forum Lane for more details.


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