Bethel Education Foundation Founder Brooke Cottle receives LCOG Outstanding Service Award by Pat Farr

Sometime in 2009 Brooke Cottle had some energy to spare.  Brooke is a mother of four young children and an active volunteer in their activities in the Bethel School District. She is fully engaged in community affairs, such as the planning and placement of the proposed YMCA in Bethel Park and organizing and planning the Officer Chris Kilcullen Memorial Garden at Willamette High School.  Her days are filled with more activity than most people would contemplate in a month.

But in 2009 she had some extra energy to spare.  She wanted kids in school—all kids—to have enriching experiences in the classroom and in outside activities beyond the regular learning experience.  So she got together with a group of Bethel parents and formed the Bethel Education Foundation. Nothing like it had been done in the community before so they had to start from scratch with new ideas.

Thanks to the support of the incredible Bethel community, they were able to fund over $25,000 worth of grants to Bethel Schools this school year!  The grants were for a wide variety of purposes and will enhance and broaden students’ educational experiences.

The 2nd Annual BEF (Bethel Education Foundation) Staff Talent Show was another hit this year.  You can see videos of all the staff talent acts on our BEF Facebook page. Their BEF Apple Campaign had a successful run in October. Similar to the Children’s Miracle Network program, participating Bethel businesses offered the chance to “buy an apple” and make a $1 donation to the Bethel Education Foundation.  Their plans are greater this year including an inspired “Bethel Trivia Night” in February.

On January 26 all of that extra energy that Brooke has to spare was rewarded by her being nominated for and winning the annual Lane Council of Governments Outstanding Citizen award.  It was presented by Colt Gill, Superintendent of Bethel Schools at the annual LCOG Appreciation Dinner in front of a room full of elected officials from all over Lane County.

Brooke Cottle receives the highly-deserved LCOG Outstanding Citizen Award from Superintendent Colt Gill

Gill announced the award, which was a surprise to Brooke, by telling the audience that she would defer all credit for the work of the Foundation to everyone else and away from herself.  Which she did.  But we all agree that the Foundation and its growing list of grants to the kids of Bethel would not have happened without that extra energy Brooke had to spare.

The award is yours, Brooke.  You earned it!






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