Latest LTD Board Ratings Just Posted

New ratings on the LTD Board in Eugene has just been posted. They are going down.

The EmX controversy looks to be dragging down the LTD Board ratings. There is a clear correlation. It is possible that the EmX controversy will affect the long-term ability of LTD to plan for and to provide public transit service in Eugene.

EmX has been seen as one way, among several, to mitigate the severe long-term transportation problems in West Eugene. Many of the current problems were caused by the elimination of the West Eugene Parkway project (WEP). The WEP had been repeatedly supported by the voters, but a narrow council majority stopped the project. The council has yet to produce a viable alternative. In the mean time, traffic gets worse and worse in West Eugene.

It would be a shame if the elimination of WEP  inhibited public transit development in Eugene.

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