Bethel School Board remains intact. by Pat Farr


Northwest Eugene and the adjacent unicorporated areas of Lane County stretching to Alvadore and beyond are blessed with their own School District: Bethel 52.  Bethel is centered on Willamette and Kalapuya High Schools and their feeder middle schools, elementary schools and kindergarten through eighth grade hybrid gems.

The people who live in the school district are always–ALWAYS supportive of schools at the polls, in the classrooms and buildings as volunteers and in parent-teacher organizations.

One very evident reason of the high marks and support for the district is its long-term and highly effective board of directors.

The recent election (May 19, 2015) kept the board intact.  The longest-term member, Ginger Poage, had a hearty challenge from a worthy newcomer, but won easily on election day.

The rest of the board consists of long-term members Paul Jorgenson, Greg Nelson, Alan Laisure, Debi Farr, Dawnya Johnson and Rich Cunningham.

If you visit the district this week you will see two new schools under construction, replacing the aging Malabon and Fairfield.  You will also see a high school, Kalapuya, which graduated 100% of its seniors last year.  Go by Willamette and see the new science and technology wing.  Stop by and see the shining and recently-built Prairie Mountain and Meadowview K-8 schools, which place teachers and students together in pods of learning that bring out the very best in both.

In short, after I served on the Bethel School Board from 1992-1995 it has rocketed the district to new heights of educational excellence, driven by Superintendent Colt Gill and his remarkable team of administrators and educators.

I’m proud to be a part of this district.

Housing Veterans. by Pat Farr



At the beginning of the year there were between 350 and 400 veterans who were homeless in Lane County.  Some had returned from service to find themselves out of work and out of a home.  Others have money to pay rent but not enough for security deposits.  Many conditions surround the issue of our men and women who have served our nation not having a safe place to sleep at night.

We are addressing the conditions and so far we have surpassed the mid-point to our goal.

In early June I will be hosting a round table discussion (along with Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy) to identify and act on strategies to complete our goal.

Many of the more achievable ways to do so have already been addressed.  Invited guests at the discussion will include those who might have the greatest insights and provide the most powerful actions to help eliminate Veterans’ homelessness in our county.  Including landlords, employers, service providers, a few elected officials, educators and veterans.

I will provide more details as we begin to form strategies.


Pay more to register your car? Not now. by Pat Farr

People are telling me how to make Lane County roads last longer.  Here’s a sample of an email I received and my response:

Subject: Reg fee

I’m sorry your reg fee went down in vote but I am 66 years old retired and live on SS. My wife has a car with over 200 k and I have same. I also own a 1974 14 ft travel trailer I use 1 time per year so for a man on a fixed income of $1240.00 per mo to live on your reg fee was hard to choke down. So based on that my reg fees would have jumped from $255.00 every 2 years to $455.00 so I would be giving up almost 1/3 of 1 months income to you.

As it is I have difficult time keeping warm and housed. Let’s deal with all county vehicles sitting on streets in park, engines running to keep them warm and cool in summer for employees while 6 stand around watching 5 work. Spend a day with me sir lets ride around in one of those county vehicles I can show you first hand the waste of resources I see daily. Not just in county but city of Eugene as well. Reduce pollution shut the vehicles off same loads in fuel. That would be an interesting experiment for 60 days. You can tell me you have such a rule and maybe so but out on the street it just does not happen. Maybe a 3 cent gas tax in lane county for roads then everyone using our roads get to pay not just the few who try and live here the best they can. Ban studded tires which we all know do far more damage to our roads then my 1974 travel trailer.

How about the tons of log trucks that run highway 36 every day and take poodle creek road to avoid weigh station and overweight tickets. Maybe no good because there NEVER is an officer there to inspect.

It’s just not fair, to single out Lane county residents when thousands of non Lane drivers use our roads tear them up and drive away.

Not your issue but odot repaved hwy 36 last fall. Not 2 days after it was done log truck over turned cut big groves in the road. Messed cleaned up but the deep ruts cut into new road bed were left and not repaired do new surface already is being to become a pot hole on the road we just spent millions to fix. Did trucking company insurance get billed for road damage? Most likely not.


Thank you for your message.

I know that I am not alone in wanting to find ways, at all times, to use time and resources more effectively and efficiently. Your input is valuable and, by me, well-received.

I intend to work ever more closely with my colleagues and with the men and women who work hard every day in public works, health and human services, the Sheriff’s Department and throughout Lane County to make our place a great place to live, work and raise our families.

Please rest assured that my observation, and I have worked at school board, city, state and county levels as well as in private industry and non-profit, that our staff wastes little or no time in doing their work in as professional and effective a way as I have ever seen at any level.

I urge you to please remain in contact with me.

Pat Farr,
Lane County Commissioner,
North Eugene
From: Michael []



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Edited to include the most recent polling dates in the title (May 11-12, 2015). The original post read March 9-10, 2015. 

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