Lane County Commissioners will interview candidates to replace Faye Stewart on April 12 2017. by Pat Farr

Commissioners will interview candidates to replace Faye Stewart, seated on the left.

I will join Board of County Commissioners vice-chair Jay Bozievich and Commissioners Sid Leiken and Pete Sorenson on Thursday April 12 to determine who will replace Faye Stewart as East Lane County Commissioner.  26 candidates will participate.

Interviews for the District 5, East Lane commissioner seat will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Beginning at 9:00 a.m. in Harris Hall (125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene), the 26 candidates who met minimum qualifications and were available for the interview will each be asked to “Tell us why you applied for this position.”

Each candidate will have three minutes to speak. The order will be determined by having candidates draw numbers prior to the start of the meeting. Commissioners will not comment or ask additional questions of the candidates at this time.

After all 26 candidates have spoken, commissioners will deliberate and each commissioner will choose no more than three candidates to move forward to the afternoon session. We anticipate those deliberations will begin around 11:00 a.m.

The Board will break for lunch while staff from the Human Resources Department notifies candidates of the selection.

The second round of interviews will begin at 1:00 p.m. The candidates who were chosen to move forward to this round will each have 15 minutes to answer three questions from commissioners. The order will again be established by drawing numbers.

The questions will be selected from a list provided by the Human Resources director. The Board chair will direct questioning with the three remaining commissioners each asking one question.

After the second round of interviews is complete, commissioners will rank their top three choices. Each commissioner’s first choice will receive three points, second choice will receive two points and third choice will receive one point.

The three candidates who receive the highest number of points will move forward to answer a final question.

After the three top candidates are given three minutes to answer the final question, the Board will deliberate toward a decision.

In order to be appointed, a candidate must receive a minimum of three votes from commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners may recess for the evening and resume the process on Thursday morning if it is unable to come to a decision in a timely manner on Wednesday evening.

The meeting is open to the public and all deliberations will be conducted in public session. The meeting is also available at Comcast Channel 21 (Metro TV) to Eugene/Springfield-area Comcast subscribers.

The meeting is also available as a live webcast at

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How to be a hero: wild Coho salmon a’la orange. by Pat Farr

I served this dish with grilled and sliced rib-eye steak, steamed new potatoes and asparagus.

Wild Coho salmon a'la orange was pleasing and popular

Wild Coho salmon a’la orange was pleasing and popular

Here’s the recipe:

  • Wild coho salmon filet, skin on
  • Slices of clementine oranges
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh squeezed clementine juice and zest
  • Olive oil

Sear the salmon, skin down, in hot olive oil.  As it is searing sprinkle with salt and pepper and top it with slices of clementine.  Add the clementine juice and zest plus a little water to bring the liquid level up to about half-way on the filet.  Cover and steam for about four to five minutes (don’t overcook of course).

Remove the lid and reduce the liquid.  Lift the salmon off the skin and serve, using the liquid as a base on the plate.

Serve with steamed new potatoes and asparagus.

You will be a hero.


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Key Demographics: Clinton and Trump Strong Unfavorables in Oregon

Key demographics for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Oregon, during the 2016 General Election, can be seen here.

Key Demographics: Clinton and Trump Unfavorables in Oregon

Key demographics for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Oregon, during the 2016 General Election, can be seen here.

Maintaining jail beds and critical youth services. by Pat Farr


The revolving door at the back of the jail has been closed.  Lane County Commissioners are asking to keep it that way.

Signing the board order: In the Matter of renewing the public safety 5-year option levy

Signing the board order: In the Matter of renewing the public safety 5-year option levy


You can see the signed board order 17-01-31-01 authorizing placing the measure on May 17, 1017 ballot here:  Sheriff’s levy

Here is the authorized BALLOT LANGUAGE you will see on your May 17th ballot:

Question – Shall County maintain levy funded jail beds and critical youth treatment services levying $0.55 per $1,000 assessed valuation, commencing 2018?

This measure renews current local option taxes.

Summary: Passage of this measure will allow Lane County to: Maintain a minimum of 255 local jail beds for the five year period.

Increased jail capacity has substantially improved the Sheriff’s ability to hold those accused or convicted of violent crimes until their cases are resolved. Continue to provide additional counseling, secure treatment and detention services for Lane County youth offenders. This ensures that more community youth offenders receive the treatment that they need.

The funds generated from this tax must be placed into a restricted special revenue fund specifically earmarked for the jail and youth services.

An external auditor will annually present, in a public forum, an independent audit report to the Sheriff and the Lane County Board of County Commissioners to ensure accountability.

After five years, this tax rate automatically sunsets, unless reapproved by Lane County voters.

This measure generates revenue for five years beginning in 2018, and for the median home in Lane County, valued at $175,679 in 2016, the annual tax payment will be approximately $96.62. The estimated tax cost for this measure is an estimate only based on the best information available from the county assessor at the time of estimate and may reflect the impact of early payment discounts, compression and the collection rate. 2018-$17,796,345; 2019-$18,152,272; 2020-$18,515,317; 2021- $18,885,623; 2022-$19,263,336.


How to be a hero: Thanksgiving dinner on a gloomy January Wednesday. by Pat Farr


Every now and then I am going to add something that has little or nothing to do with policy, strategy or news.  Here’s a sample:

On a gloomy January Wednesday Debi and I enjoyed a candle-lit Thanksgiving dinner

On a gloomy January Wednesday, Debi and I enjoyed a candle-lit Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving in January


Who has time or energy to prepare a stellar, award-winning, tremendously popular and heroic meal on a weekday after a busy day on the job?  Well, here’s how to prepare this meal in 45 minutes.


  • 1lb.     Sliced carved turkey breast, purchased from a superb Deli
  • 1          Large sweet potato
  • 2lb.     Yukon gold potatoes
  • 1lb.     Broccoli crowns
  • 1/2 cup each    Chopped carrots, celery, onion
  • 3/4 cup     Dried bread strips
  • Chicken stock
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Salt and pepper
  • Dried parsley, minced garlic, sage
  • Milk or half and half
  • Cranberry ginger beer (or your choice of stemware-worthy beverage)


The first secret:  Put the sweet potato into a 350-degree oven, chop and rinse the potatoes and start them boiling in salt water.  All other steps are completed as the two cook.  After 30 minutes microwave the sweet potato until it is soft, maybe 4 minutes, the skin will be crisp and easy to peel off.

Make the stuffing: Sautee the carrots, celery and onion in butter and garlic, while still slightly crisp add the parsley, sage, chicken stock and dried bread, mix together, place in an oven proof serving dish and place alongside the sweet potato in the oven.

Steam the broccoli:  place the broccoli in an inch of salted water, cover and boil rapidly for four minutes.  Turn off heat.  At some point, rinse the broccoli, while in the saucepan, in cold water to stop cooking.

Make the gravy:  make a rue of butter and flour, add the chicken stock, pepper and stir to thicken.

Make the sweet potatoes:  peel and quarter lengthwise, place in an oven-proof serving dish and top with butter and brown sugar.  Place in the oven beside the dressing.

Make the potatoes:  drain the water (you can use some of this to adjust thickness of the gravy), add butter and milk and mash by hand.  Cover and keep warm.

Arrange the delicatessen-fabulous turkey breast in a serving dish.

Set the table.

Place all ingredients not already in serving dishes into them, place on table and pour your drinks.

Sit in the dimly-lit dining room with candles burning…when the door opens:  you are a hero!



Clinton and Trump Net Favorability Trend

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s net favorability trends, in Oregon, can be seen here.